Automated system is applied for supervision of electric and technical and heat-mechanic equipment of power plants of own needs on the basis of gas turbine or gas piston power units which are widely used at oil and gas branch sites.

The main goals of the integrated ACS TP consist in support of:

  • steady work of the power plant in normal, emergency and post-emergency modes;
  • control responsiveness;
  • possibility to integrate ACS TP of the power plant to ACS of dispatching control of higher level.

LLC “PNGA” designs and applies the following features in its systems:

  • algorithms of automated supervision and control of technological processes of the power plants in all operating modes including transient states of specific units, optimal use of reserve resources and load balancing, control of frequency and voltage of the generating equipment, control of distribution systems of active and reactive power;
  • algorithms of automated control of flow chart and operating modes of connections, automatic control of switching devices for avoidance of forbidden network operating modes, monitoring and control of emergency control systems.