Implementation of project on turn-key basis by «Promneftegazengineering» company

Design and survey works. Development of estimate documentation, engineering and design documentation

Construction-and-assembling operations and commissioning works at site

Design and survey works, development of estimate documentation, engineering and design documentation

Design works

  • Topographic and geodetic works
  • Engineering and geological works
  • Geophysical works
  • Hydro-meteorological works
  • Hydrometric works
  • Environmental works

Production of manufacturing equipment

Heat-exchange equipment

  • By design – heat exchangers with floating head, U-shaped, with fixed tube sheet
  • By functionality – heat exchangers, vaporizers, condensers, superheaters, etc.
  • By media – “gas-gas”, “gas-liquid”, “liquid-liquid”, and multiphase systems

Vessel equipment

For liquid and gaseous media (explosion- and fire-dangerous, toxic)

  • Drain, reflux, buffer capacities
  • Decontaminators
  • Deaerator
  • Separators, etc.


Manufacture of power equipment


  • Transformer block-and-module substations 10(6)/0,4 kV, fully shop-assembled
  • Electric panels of relay protection and automation and emergency control automatics for substations 6/10/35/110 kV
  • Distribution devices РУ-6(10) kV
  • Low-voltage complete panels 0,4 KV of various units  (MDB, PCB, etc.) in stationary and movable versions
  • Low-voltage blocks of complete devices 0,4 kV

Automation, communication, power engineering

Lines of activity

  • Predesign inspection of site, specifications development
  • Development of project and design documentation
  • Development of applied software
  • Equipping automation and power engineering systems
  • Assemblage, testing, and delivery of automation cabinets and low-voltage complete devices
  • Contract supervision and start-up and commissioning works
  • Maintenance service of control systems
  • Training of customer’s staff


Kinds of work

  • Supervision of conformity of civil and erection works and  applied structures and equipment to design solutions, building specifications requirements, standards, and other regulations
  • Civil and erection works
  • Commissioning works and contract supervision
  • Examination and estimation of performed works and elements of construction
  • Participation in acceptance committees at commissioning
  • As-built documents